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Tuesday, 31.05.2011 16:50h MET
Download Xvid-1.3.2 is out. The changelog:

The new installer includes an update Xvid MiniConvert which fixes issues with file suffixes.
Changes since 1.3.1:
* xvidcore
- Updated implementation of IDCT/FDCT to match error spec of MMX/SSE code
- Added "make info" to unix Makefile
- Removed debian directory from release tarballs
- Made multi-threading (pthread support) switchable at compile time

* VFW frontend
- Minor GUI changes

* DShow/MFT frontend
- GUI cosmetics
- Updated MSVC project files with seperate build configs for MFT-enabled binary

I switched to a new binary, provided by Michael (Xvid project leader). He managed to put together a nice installer which works in all Windows versions up to Windows 7, 64 bits. The installer includes the Qt libraries, this is why it grew from 680 kbyte to 9 mbyte.
For a few years, the old compiler tweaks I used aren't a gain in any way on current hardware anymore. The compilers provided by Microsoft or the GCC compiler suite are heavily optimizing the code as well now. Thus there is no need for "my" optimizations anymore.
Thank you Michael for providing the installer!

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